Posted by: sean | April 24, 2007

Jesus’ Non-Resistance was Just a General Rule

by Adin Ballou (1803-1890)

Another presumes to assert that Jesus never intended the precept “Resist not evil” for a general rule; but it was given to his early followers as their guide, when wronged by the tyrants under whom they lived. To resist then would be of no avail; it was better therefore patiently to endure. What a despicable expediency does this ascribe to the Savior! What a skulking prudence! Resist not evil when unable to do so! Submit to irresistible tyranny and outrage. Offer the other cheek. Crawl like spaniels, when you cannot help yourselves! But fight like dragons when you have a fair prospect of overmatching your enemies! To a mind capable of drawing such a meaning from the words of Christ, I should think the text would furnish a general rule, i.e. “Submit when you must, but resist when you can.” If it were not utterly derogatory to the character of Jesus, and utterly unsupported by a single hint in the context, it might be worth while to attempt its sober refutation. As it is, the mere statement sufficiently explodes it.

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  1. Plus again, as in the previous post in this section, when is the line crossed when I is ok to resist?

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