Posted by: sean | April 24, 2007

Jesus Only Taught Non-Resistance for Small Matters

by Adin Ballou (1803-1890)

Another presumes he intended to discountenance all petty vindictiveness, retaliation and litigation, but not to forbid these things in extreme cases, on a great scale, and where important interests are at stake. This is very accommodating, but very fallacious. Who shall draw the line between the great and the small, the frivolous and the important, in these matters? The injured party, of course. It is for him to say whether the wrongs done him are of sufficient moment to justify litigation, retaliation, or personal resistance; and the consequence is, that small offenses, insults and injuries, are rare. Nearly all are too great to be endured. Jesus gives not the slightest intimation that he is drawing a line of distinction between great and small evils; and that he forbids his followers to resist ordinary personal injuries, whilst great ones are left to the law of resistance and retaliation. Such pleadings are only so many attempts of a worldly mind, to procure itself indulgence under the Christian name in practices on which, root and branch, the Son of God has placed the seal of prohibition.

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