Posted by: sean | April 24, 2007

Jesus Only Taught Non-Resistance in Religious Disputes

by Adin Ballou (1803-1890)

Still another argues that Jesus, though he preached strict non-resistance, as to the duty of his followers in all strictly religious matters, nevertheless left them perfectly free in secular matters, to resist, litigate, and make war at discretion. That is, while attending purely to religious duties, and propagating Christianity by divinely appointed means, they must suffer all manner of personal abuse, insult, outrage, persecution. and violence, without offering the least resistance, either by individual force of arms or prosecutions at law. But as men of the world, politicians, merchants, tradesmen, money-getters, &c. they are at full liberty to follow the dictates of worldly expediency, and to resist even unto death all who threaten their lives, liberty or property. This stands on the same sandy foundation with the others, and cannot be sustained by one single decent looking reason. Indeed, its bare statement ought to be its sufficient refutation.

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  1. Was Jesus telling Peter to put away the sword a “religious argument?”

    Maybe for Calvin =)


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