Posted by: sean | May 1, 2007


Acts 7:60
Then falling on his knees, he cried out with a loud voice, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them!” Having said this, he fell asleep.

Lest any say that Jesus was the perfect one, the Son of God who never sinned, to whom was not imputed the baser desires as we have, and because of this we cannot attain to his lofty forgiveness rather than retribution, we have as an example—Stephen. A man in who is wisdom, knowledge, the spirit, who preached an uncompromising message to people who hated him for it. Stephen himself does not fight back, he does not call down imprecations, he does not hold bitterness, he does not utter threats about what will happen when the Son of Man comes to make things right, he instead honestly and sincerely prays that this grotesque homicide be not laid to their charge! This is what it looks like when bond-servants of the Messiah suffer. If instead of suffering we fight with our carnal weapons then we have become one of the hate-filled mob with crude stones in our hands. Dearly beloved, we can never allow that to happen. Let them stone us, but never be the one throwing a stone, a fist, or shooting a bullet! Let us be those who love at all costs even in the midst of a sea of hate. Our Master will not let us down, he will strengthen us, if need be through a vision of himself standing on God’s right hand.



  1. Jesus cleansing the temple was his way of telling the world that the sacricial system using animals has come to and end. He is the lamb of God being sacrifice, so that He now is the one to follow; to accept that He sacrificed His life to atone for us: that there is no longer a sacrificial system to follow…that accepting and following Him sets us free from being pre-occupied with death and that now we heed His call to serve others….as He was the suffering servant, we now are servant evangelists

    This is not my original idea.

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