Posted by: sean | December 17, 2007

Leo Tolstoy: The Kingdom of God is Within You

Tolstoy continues his exposition of what is wrong with the Church and what is necessary to usher in the Kingdom of God in this work, which profoundly inspired both Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King. In the gospels Jesus told us what to do and how to live. In this book Tolstoy explains why those admonitions work and why they are, in fact, the only future that humanity has. He also prophetically explains why violent revolutions (such as the Russian revolution) ultimately fail to make things better and why genocides (such as those in Rwanda and Darfur) go unchecked. Please note that this is a new transcription – not the error riddled ones found on other websites.

Read it as |html| or |pdf|

Thanks to and Tom Lock for this e-book.



  1. Truly our path to victory lies not in violence but in light.

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