Posted by: sean | December 17, 2007

Leo Tolstoy: What I Believe

Tolstoy is considered one of the greatest of all novelists, but following the publication of Anna Karenina his life underwent a complete change and he henceforth entirely devoted himself to Christ’s teaching. In What I Believe Tolstoy describes his epiphany, expounds on the Sermon on the Mount, and contrasts the teachings of Jesus to the dogma and practices of the Orthodox Church. Many of his criticisms are equally applicable to most of today’s Protestant Churches.

Read it as |html| or |pdf|

Thanks to and Tom Lock for this e-book.


  1. By the way, have you realized the interesting interpretation of Tolstoi regarding precisely your blog’s title “Love your enemies”?

    Tolstoi explanation starts in page 33. Briefly: He doubts that Jesus would have asked to love our enemies but claims that Jesus asked to love all nationalities since “the enemies”, for the Jews, were the foreigners.

    But better read Tolstoi itself. He better explains his point

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