Posted by: jobelenus | February 20, 2008

Revelation as practicing Non-Violence today

The article from Ben Witherington (here) shows in passing how Revelations fits extremely well with the current ethic of non-violence by Christians. Here is a selection:

“The saints are not to take up weapons against their oppressors, but rather be prepared to endure and even, if need be, be martyred, following the pattern of Christ’s life. Rightly understood, the book of Revelation becomes a strong appeal to non-retaliation and non-violence when it comes to Christians reacting to abuse, pressure, persecution, prosecution, or even execution. The author John urges that they must be prepared to go the whole way even unto death without responding in kind to their tormentors. It is remarkable and sad that the book of Revelation has so often been misused to encourage Christians to participate in militaristic solutions to mundane problems.”


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