Posted by: sean | December 19, 2008

Christians Should Not Participate in War

A scathing and biblical critique of American aggression in the early 21st century. As Christians it is time to lay down our weapons and obey Jesus’ call to love our enemies rather than imbibe the narcotic of nationalism and its deadly side effect: violence.

On June 8, 2008, Laurence Vance gave the speech Christianity and Warat the Future of Freedom Foundation’s conference. The speech can viewed below in its entirety by clicking one of the videos below or by downloading the mp3 by clicking here.

Laurence M. Vance [send him mail] is a devout, conservative, Bible-believing Christian who writes from Pensacola, FL. His latest book is a new and greatly expanded edition of Christianity and War and Other Essays Against the Warfare State. Visit his website. Laurence is the author of 12 books all together and he holds degrees in history, accounting, and economics, Laurence is an adjunct instructor in accounting at Pensacola Junior College in Pensacola, Florida. He is a regular contributor to Lew and has written several articles for The Future of Freedom Foundation.

The videos and audio are Copyright © 2008 Future of Freedom Foundation.
Used by permission.



  1. What a great find! He deftly and strongly points out so many things that are ignored on this issue of war. Rather than leave it in the ‘theoretical’ he brings up specific details that usually are not brought up. Forcing us to realize how big this issue is.

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