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  1. Sean,

    Thank you very much for reading and commenting on my recent column (“On the hypocrisy of a Christian President). I’ve checked with my editor, and due to copyright issues, I can’t allow you to post my column on your website. However, it seems you can post a link to my column if you’d like to do that.

    Again, thank you very much for your interest. All the best to you and your blog.

    Jared Pflum

  2. NICE website! 🙂

  3. this is fantastic, thank you.

    this audio maybe of interest:

  4. Jarrod, it is an honor to have you on the site. I have added your enlightening conversation to our audio section.

    grace & peace

  5. Sean.

    I came across a nice quote from Albert Einstein but I’m not sure how to post it directly in the quotes section of the site. Perhaps you could move it there? Anyway, I hope you like it.

    “I am not only a pacifist but a militant pacifist. I am willing to fight for peace. Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.”

  6. How can I start a new thread in the “Scriptures” section? I’d like to start a discussion on the beginning of John 8.

  7. I know Christians who are for the war and Bush. War is not something that Jesus taught. the war is unconstitutional also. If I could talk to someone that would help me.

    • Christians are for Christ, not any fault filled human.

      I personally am NOT a fan of George Bush. More evidence shows he is not a Christian then the contrary.

      Things like the Tea Party Movement happened because real Christians are fed up with fake politicians. If you want an example of a Republican Christian I urge you to look into those who not only speak it, but live it.

      Mike Huckabee – Southern Baptist Preacher. A man of peace, and dedication to his faith.
      Ron Paul- One of the top Economics experts in America. Christian, and non conformist to his fair tax views, smart spending, and the Federal audit.

      Do not buy into the left/right paradigm. Vote on the person, based on what he has done, NOT what he says or the party he represents.

      Judge them by their fruits.

  8. The page about Tolstoi’s book “What I believe” is not part of the book category.

    Btw, I commented on that book that it includes Tolstoi’s interpretation on the “love your enemies” commandment. The section is not very long, what about having a post with it? Personally I would be interested if someone knows about confirmations or critics to this interpretation.


  9. Oscar,

    Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll look into it. Currently “What I Believe” is in the Online Books section.

  10. I was looking for an e-mail.
    Hey bro, you may check out my blog here at wordpress. I think you will like a few of my posts on faith and politics. “When Kingdoms Collide” is my latest one on the subject. I mention our Anabaptist brothers in my most recent post “Christ the Center.”

    David D. Flowers
    free-lance writer & blogger
    The Woodlands, TX

  11. I thought you might be interested in these links. I think all these are outstanding:


  12. Herald Press, the book imprint of Mennonite Publishing Network, as published a new book about Guy F. Hershberger–one of the leading thinkers on non-resistance in the 20th century. It’s called War, Peace, and Social Conscience: The Life and Thought of Guy F. Hershberger.

    You can find out more at

    John Longhurst, Herald Press

  13. You might want to consider adding the free ebook or PDF of Andre’ Trocme’ Jesus and the Nonviolent Revolution to your online book page. I found it an excellent read. For one it helped me see a difference in heart and motivation between Ghandi and Jesus.

    I included a link to the source.

  14. Hi, perhaps you could answer the following objection my son offered to the idea of nonviolence?

    In the encounters that Jesus has with the soldiers (For instance the Centurian.) nowhere does Jesus rebuke a soldier for his role in killing as he does others he encounters in sin. (For instance the prostitute being told to go and sin no more.) This indicates that Jesus has no issue with what soldiers do. Jesus even compliments the Centurion’s great faith as greater than any person’s in Israel. What is your response to such?

    Until recently l was convinced that we had a Christian duty to serve our country. As a young man l tried to join the Navy with pride to go to Vietnam. Now l am not so sure. I see much truth in what you and others (like Tolstoy) write. Yet these are difficult issues! When one is faced with the possibility that one’s entire worldview may be based on false understandings and assumptions it creates fear, confusion and some anger. Yet, as a Christian, what choice do l have but to do as Jesus commands? However if l have been wrong for 60 years l need answers to the objections that come to mind to my struggles with such an important and momentous topic.

    Please be sure l receive an email notification if you answer this email.

    Thank you,
    Les Baker

  15. My name is Danutasn (Danny) Brown. I am a half Thai-half American convert to Christianity. I was formerly a Buddhist/atheist. I studied International Politics, and all the warmongering in American Christianity really turned me off from the religion. I want to share the gospel here in Thailand, but the theology among Christians regarding force/violence/etc on the part of God and his people is pretty incoherent. I wanted to share some material for people who are trying to explain the Bible in a way that makes more sense according to the character of Christ.

    This a short theological study on what is God’s wrath, how does He judge, various forms of fire in the Bible, etc. I believe there is much more insight into the character of God than we realize:

    And this is my booklet on the failure of Political Christianity:

    God bless from Bangkok,
    Danutasn (Danny) Brown

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